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From concept to CAD/CAM, Hughes Supply offers complete product and tooling design capabilities. Tell us the type of component you need and what it needs to do. We will design it, formulate it's chemical composition, and produce precise plans with form, function, and costing specifications. If you already have specifications and/or drawings, we can evaluate, estimate, and execute the tooling to produce it. Existing non-patented parts can be copied or modified with suggested improvements incorporated into their design construction upon your approval.


First the engineering plans, specifications, and estimates are approved. Then the mold is produced to exacting standards, by expert craftsmen, on state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, in our 10,000 square foot tooling facility. The product is created and tested by our quality control technicians to assure all specified product parameters are met, and delivered for your approval. At this point corrections are rare, but if needed - made. Upon final approval the mold is put into production by us or delivered to you.


Our molds are made from the highest quality block steel, engineered specifically to maximize production life span, and manufactured with processes proven to minimize the stress imposed by machining. However - the heat, pressure, and friction inherent to the injection molding process will wear any mold over time. Environmental factors, such as humidity and temperature during storage, can also damage a mold. We can store your mold under ideal conditions, monitor wear, and keep you apprised of it's condition in a timely fashion. If and when it needs to be retooled or remade, we will provide sufficient notice to preempt downtime.

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